Cub Scouts enjoy new adventures while making new friends along the way.

Their commitment is recognised by over thirty activity badges. As well as regular weekly meeting, Cub Scouts also enjoy activity days, weekend camps and pack holidays. Boys and girls:

  • Go camping
  • Play games
  • Explore the outdoors
  • Try adventurous activities – such as climbing, sailing and archery
  • Meet people from their local community
  • Experience the culture of other countries
  • Keep themselves and others safe

We would love to invite you and your child to make some new friends with us. We meet each week throughout the school term at our HQ on Scouting Way in Cantley (behind the shops on Everingham road) on Wednesdays between 6:30pm and 8:00pm.

Feel free to drop in, but if you would like to, use the Join button to let us know your coming and we can prepare a welcome pack for you.