What a difference a day makes!

16 years ago we sadly said goodbye to our scout building after it was demolished resulting from an arson attack, but the great spirit of the community has helped us clear the way (figuratively and literally) for the new building which we’ve been tirelessly raising funds for, were nearly there and it’s great to see so many people happy to help our scouts.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped, even if it was just for an hour, we all did an amazing job and achieved so much more together as a unit than we ever could have individually.

It’s was great to meet previous members of the group from a long time ago who’ve come back to help us, even after that long drive, it shows how much scouting is in our blood
A special thanks to onestop, hsshire, leegarthtools, wickes, jewsons and cantleydiy for your added support with the tools, equipment, food and drink.

Exciting times ahead….

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